This Independence Day, You Can Sing the National Anthem and Google Will Make It Instrumental

Image credits: Google/Sounds of India.

Image credits: Google/Sounds of India.

Google Sounds of India is letting you sing the national anthem, and have AI make it into a classical instrument like shehnai, bansuri or sarangi.

  • Last Updated: August 14, 2020, 12:25 PM IST

India’s a diverse country: You travel for over 50 kms in any direction, and you could possibly end up in a different state, where you don’t speak the language at all.

But one song, which remains consistent through the nation, which every kid is taught the lyrics to, is recited in schools, in ceremonies, offices and security forces – the National Anthem.

In Google’s new ‘Sounds of India initiative’ you get to feel like you’re standing in line for ‘assembly’ again singing the national anthem, joined by others.

Google announced in a blog that was using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make Independence Day celebrations a little unique more this year.

The tech giant announced a collaboration with Prasar Bharati and Virtual Bharat to create one master track with the voices of thousands.

In Google’s own words, all you need to do is sing.

Then, Google using the power of AI your voice will get converted into one of three traditional Indian instruments — the shehnai, sarangi, or bansuri — effectively rendering your performance of the national anthem in the instrument of your choice.

To participate, all you need to do is open the site on your phone, and you will see an interactive web app that steps you through the process.

You will first be able to hear the national anthem, giving you a sense of the pitch and tempo.

Next, you’ll see a screen with the lyrics of the national anthem, which get highlighted to help you sing in rhythm — much like you would with a karaoke track.

After you’ve sung, pick your favourite Indian instrument and in a few moments you’ll have your own version of the national anthem — as sung by you but in the sound of your favourite Indian instrument — downloaded and ready to share.

Finally, you can join scores of others and submit your rendition to this experiment. You can also download it and share it with others.

With the AI renditions, maybe this year will feel more patriotic in a sense when we’re all stuck at home due to a global pandemic: a feeling of unity.

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