Mumbai Traffic Cop Stops Cars to Help Dog Cross a Busy Road, Viral Video Wins Hearts

Screenshot of Mumbai cop helping the dog cross the road.

Screenshot of Mumbai cop helping the dog cross the road.

The video of the cop helping the dog cross the road was shared on Twitter where people praised the cop for his act of humanity.

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  • Last Updated: August 14, 2020, 11:15 AM IST

It is the little act of kindness and compassion that keep one’s faith in humanity alive. Recently, a heartwarming video that has been going viral on the internet shows how a traffic police personnel helped a dog.

In the clip, one can see a traffic police official helping a pooch cross the road. In order to ensure the animal’s safety, he stops the traffic till the time the dog does not cross the road.

The incident took place in Mumbai. The video has been shared on Twitter by a handle named The Better India. Till now, the clip on the micro blogging site alone has been viewed more than 55,000 times.

As one would expect, Twitterati is in all praise for the cop’s act. A user commented saying, “Respect to the cop for treating a dog with so much respect…. and respect to the dog for patiently following traffic rules…. sometimes animals are much more smarter than human animals…”

Another one, who had witnessed something similar, wrote, “Seen something similar in Bhubaneswar although it was normal stop made by traffic policeman, saw a patiently waiting dog cross the road before the vehicles. Dogs are way smarter than some idiots on road…”

Another user added, “Salute to the common sense of that dog (which many people use rarely)… A big hatsoff to that officer…. People like you makes society beautiful and live worthy”.

Kindness, like the one shown by this cop, is everything we need in times like these.

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