TikTok User’s Priceless Reaction to ‘Bizarre’ Food Preparation Takes Internet on a Wild Ride

Tik Tok user Quentin Ager offers his funny reviews to a food being prepared/@tanyachen/Twitter

Tik Tok user Quentin Ager offers his funny reviews to a food being prepared/@tanyachen/Twitter

A Tik Tok user Quentin Ager has made headlines for posting a review of food in which he makes hilarious comments and reaction to a person preparing food.

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  • Last Updated: August 12, 2020, 9:42 AM IST

A few days ago, Asian comedian Nigel NG made a buzz with his popular videos reviewing the food preparation, dissing famous bloggers for their dishes.

Now, a TikTok user is making headlines for his hilarious reaction to a video of a person preparing food.

Quentin Ager made a video recently, reviewing a food video. In the clip, as the lady adds chicken and beef, he reacts, “Chicken and beef together?”

As the lady keeps on adding chicken broth, rice, sweet potato and other ingredients, the TikToker comments, “Girl, what type of appetite your kids have.”

The most shocking reaction comes in when the lady adds cinnamon to the food. As she adds it all to food, Quentin looks extremely surprised and asks, “Do you feed dog food to your kids?”

The twist comes in the video when he realises that the food is actually for dogs. He finally takes a sigh of relief.

The video has been shared on Twitter by user Tanya Chen, who captioned it, “I don’t even have a tweet that could do this video justice. just watch it”.

The 1-minute video has received around 2.8 million views, attracting more than 1 lakh likes. Netizens couldn’t control their laughter at the funny reactions from the TikToker.

A user wrote, “Literally cannot deal with his face change at the end like ‘what a ride’,” while another mentioned, “That was exactly my reaction the first time I saw this.”

Earlier stand-up comedian Nigel NG made people laugh by offering his reactions to the number of steps taken by a woman to prepare egg fried rice. Nigel put a review of the recipe which went viral on social media.

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