Tech Tycoon John McAfee Claims He Was Arrested for Wearing Thong Instead of Face Mask

Photo: Twitter/John McAfee

Photo: Twitter/John McAfee

McAfee’s wife Janice Dyson also took over his Twitter account to post updates while he was under detention.

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  • Last Updated: August 12, 2020, 10:45 AM IST

The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet and seems like people have already started taking it more lightly than ever. While business tycoon and millionaire John McAfee might have some knowledge on the computer viruses, he certainly seems to be missing the knowledge on the kind of face mask one should use. Instead of using face protection, he stepped out with a lacy thong as mouth cover.

Moreover, he created buzz recently after he raised claims of being arrested by the Norway Police. The entrepreneur, known for being the founder of the PC antivirus software giant, shared his ordeal in a series of tweets on Monday.

He wrote, “I was jailed: Why? Visited Catalonia just before Europe banned Catalonians from travelling. Tried to return to Germany and were refused entrance. They demanded we wear masks. I put on my thong mask. They demanded I replace it. I refused. Tussle. Jail. Black eye. Released.”

He also mentioned, “I am being detained in Norway. Trivial issue but waiting for high level bureaucrats to arrive.”

However, he also clarified in the latest tweet that the detention was made in Germany and not in Norway. He wrote, “Though the police uniforms in the photos clearly showed “Polizei” (German, not Norwegian – therefore Germany, Switzerland, Bavaria or Austria), many news outlets reported “Norway” as the location of my arrest.”

His wife Janice Dyson also took over his Twitter account to post updates while he was under detention.

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