Viral Pictures of Multi-coloured Chillies Have Left Netizens Amused

Multi-coloured chillies. (Image credit: Twitter/ @fIowerfemme)

Multi-coloured chillies. (Image credit: Twitter/ @fIowerfemme)

Apart from red and orange colour, the photos featured purple chillies, which are rarely seen.

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  • Last Updated: August 11, 2020, 7:07 PM IST

There are usually two types of chillies, red and slightly orange, seen in the market. But, a netizen has posted pictures of multicoloured chillies on social media.

Apart from red and orange colour, the photos featured purple chillies, which are rarely seen.

Sharing the images on Twitter, the user named Miryam wrote, “Currently crying because I literally grew the most beautiful peppers ever.”

The purple chilli originated in the 1500s and it is known as the Buena Mulata Chilli, according to Times Now.

The post on micro-blogging site received enormous response from netizens. Some of them even asked how to grow these peppers at home.

One user called the chillies beautiful, asking how she was going to enjoy them.

Responding to the user, Miryam said she has been using them in stir fries so far, adding that she was thinking of making pickles and maybe pepper sauce. Miryam also informed that she was going to save seeds of the ripest ones for next year.

Another person compared the multicoloured peppers to bouquets of flowers.

One netizen asked Miryam what she puts in the soil as she said that she just wanted to grow them to stare at them.

To which Miryam responded, “I used burpee’s organic raised bed and potting soil. I also added some bone meal for calcium. fertilized occasionally with growmore seaweed extract. As well as Epsom salt treatments to add magnesium and boost nutrient uptake.”

On being asked by a Twitterati if the chillies are spicy, the owner said, “They range from 80,000 – 100,000 Scoville heat units depending on the ripeness.”

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