People Share Cropped Selfies With #HalfFaceTwitter, Memes Make Up the Other Half

The Internet is a strange place.

Every time you blink, there’s a new trend, sometimes so bizzare, you’re left scratching your head. If you happen to have put away your phone for a bit, the next time you come back, the internet-scape would have changed, and you’d probably be wondering, ‘Who is Binod?’

After Twitter came up with #SareeTwitter and #KurtaTwitter, there’s a new trend on the platform: #HalfFaceTwitter.

Very literal and true to the meaning, people are sharing half-face selfies of themselves on the app, with the hashtag.

However, as every single hashtag soon devolves into something else, and people have made memes about the trend, with most asking, ‘Here’s the other half of the face?’

While bizarre, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. It’s just another day on the Internet.

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