Independence Day 2020: ‘Atma Nirbhar’ Recipes You Can Cook up Which Aren’t Maggi

For Representation/Lifestyle/News 18

For Representation/Lifestyle/News 18

India, on 15th August, 2020 will be celebrating its 74 years of freedom and to embark the great journey, in the midst of pandemic we have shortlisted a host of recipes one can try at home.

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On August 15, 2020, India will celebrate 74 years of freedom. On this day, in the year 1947, India claimed its sovereignty after being a British camp for over 200 years.

To celebrate the big day and show your solidarity from home why not make some easy and quick recipes on your own. Following are some ideas we have shortlisted for you.


The best way to make any day an occasion is to bake a cake. By means of a few basic ingredients from your pantry, you can make some simple to bake delicious cake recipes.


Who doesn’t love wraps? And if you too happen to be absolutely smitten with this delicacy, you will relish this wholesome choice. Stuff with pan-fried falafel, tomatoes, onions and chillies – you will enjoy this low-fat shawarma as much. For some tang, top it up with a yoghurt-based sauce and you are rewarded with a winner of a dish.


A classic and popular snack crispy from outside filled with spiced potato and peas stuffing. Homemade is not just hygienic but so rewarding and delicious.

Aloo paratha

This one needs no introduction. The piping-hot crisp wheat flatbread is stuffed with spiced sour mashed potatoes filling. Enjoy with a serving of curd or a tangy pickle or any homemade chutney.


Tangy, semi spiced and flavorful is what this simple dish tastes like. It is made with lentils tempered with tamarind. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to accomplish a perfect enhance to any type of rice or rice made meal.


What’s not to love about ice creams? Just the thought of homemade ice cream is spectacular and the delicious ice-cold treat is also a great way to treat guests. You might be amazed to know it’s not tough to whip a batch of rich, thick ice cream.


There is nothing as good as the quintessential sandwich. Wedge cucumber/tomato/lettuce with sauces and cheese between two loaves of bread and tada!

Garlic Bread

This delicious homemade recipe is such a classic and easy side to make! Grilled, broiled or baked, this one is one of the fastest things to go. This go-to amazing treat to suit anyone’s tastes and surely hits the right spots!


Well, there is something wrong if this hasn’t crossed your mind already. Stir up a fulfilling bowl of noodles. From Hakka to garlic to schezwan, you just need to pick the flavour of your ramen.

Pani puri

One in three Indians is found to be in love with this super tasty snack. And this lockdown made us all crave like anything for this one. Guess what you can make your own. And it is easier than you believe. All you need is some raw ingredients and voila. Close your eyes and gulp it down to take a trip down the memory lane or rather the bustling streets.

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