Man Plays Lottery Game for 25 Times, Wins Rs 93.7 Lakh to Invest in Son’s Education

According to the official Virginia Lottery website, a man named Raymond Harrington won 25 plays in the same Virginia Pick 4 lottery game. The said person had purchased 25 identical tickets each worth $1. Each of these tickets had the exact same four digit combination of 4-6-4-0. As per the official website, each of these tickets had won the top prize.

Raymond has currently won a total of $1,25,000 (Rs 93.7) lakhs. Each ticket had the top prize of $5000.

As per a report published in the Times Now, the lottery winner will be investing in his son’s college education. Speaking about what made him take such an unusual step, he said, “something just told me to play 25 times”.

He had purchased the tickets from, “Wegnam’s store in Virginia Beach”.

Such incidents in the world of lottery are rare but not unusual.

Back in April, a person named Joe B had won a price worth one million two times in a single day. The man belonging to Pueblo in Colorado, won two Powerball prizes on March 25. He was only able to claim his won money a month after he actually won the prize. This was because of the widespread, of the novel coronavirus.

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