Bride Running for Her Life in the Middle of Wedding Shoot Shows Horror of Beirut Blast

More than 12 hours have passed that Lebanon’s capital Beirut was rattled by a devastating explosion near a port. The visuals of the horrifying attack have been pouring in and show how white smoke rose like a mushroom in the sky and rattled almost the entire city.

Another video of the incident has also emerged and almost looks like out of a sci-fi movie. The video is of a wedding shoot and the bride dressed intricately in a white gown poses with flowers. Soon the entire set up shakes because of the impact of the blast and next we see everyone running here and there to safety. The camera points towards some windows at the scene and as the cameraperson gets a grip of the situation, the bride and other people on the set are seen running for safety.

Take a look at the video:

Social media was filled with videos and images of the blast which shook the entire city. Buildings were shaken, windows broken and people running everywhere in panic. here are some other videos showing the impact of the blast:

A huge explosion in a port warehouse district near the centre of Beirut killed more than 25 people, injured over 2,500 others and sent shockwaves across the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, shattering windows and causing apartment balconies to collapse. Officials expected the death toll to rise sharply as emergency workers dug through rubble across a swathe of the city to rescue people and remove the dead. It was the most powerful blast to hit Beirut in years, making the ground tremble.

“What we are witnessing is a huge catastrophe,” the head of Lebanon’s Red Cross George Kettani told broadcaster Mayadeen. “There are victims and casualties everywhere – in all the streets and areas near and far from the explosion.”

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