Did K-Pop Group ‘Bangtan Boys’ Members Give Out a Spoiler About Their Upcoming Comeback?

Screengrab of live-stream.

Screengrab of live-stream.

Some fans think that three of the younger members, Jin, V and Jungkook could have potentially given out a choreography spoiler.

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  • Last Updated: August 2, 2020, 3:48 PM IST

A Bangtan Boys comeback is coming this month, and we can only predict that it’s going to be dope.

South Korean boyband Bangtan Boys, aka BTS announced that they will be releasing a new digital single in English on August 21.

The band shared the news on VLIVE, saying that they wanted to share some positive energy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to COVID-19, people around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to share some positive energy with our fans,” the group said. The musicians, who have previously released English-language songs MIC Drop and Waste It On Me, with Steve Aoki, said recording in their non-native tongue was a new challenge.

“We thought that the song sounded perfect as it is in English. We recorded the guide version and felt that the result was something totally new and fresh. We also needed a breakthrough during these unforeseen times. This is a new challenge for us as well,” they added.

But while the rumours of what the song could be are still circling the Internet, some fans think that three of the younger members, Jin, V and Jungkook could have potentially given out a choreography spoiler.

On a recent Japanese show, the three members were seen enacting the same move, one with their arms raised and moving back.

But while it was exciting at first, the more ARMYs, the official fan club of BTS watched it, the more they realized that it seemed familiar.

They finally realized that the move was from one episode of Infinite Challenge, where the hosts tried to win “The Most Masculine Member” challenge.

Host Noh Hong Chul had made the pose to boast his masculinity, and it seemed to have had an effect on BTS’s maknae line.

Eventually, ARMYs discussing the ‘spoiler’ on Naver also turned sleuths and found out that very episode was having a re-run on the day of the filming.

Here’s the clip from original episode from 2013, with the move at 1:26 minutes.

While this may not be a spoiler, we have to admit, ARMY’s detective skills deserve a *mic drop.*

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