This Banter Between NASA, Mars Perseverance Rover and Twitter is Out of the World

NASA launched its Mars 2020 Mission Perseverance Rover to the Red Planet on July 30.

Just minutes before the take-off at 5:20 pm IST from Cape Canaveral, Florida, Twitter came up with a request for NASA Perseverance Rover, asking it to take along for a visit to the Red Planet.

The fun banter between NASA, Mars Perseverance Rover and Twitter which took place on the micro-blogging site has left netizens with a laughter riot. Here’s all that happened on Thursday:

Twitter started the fun conversation, with the message, “Take us with you, @NASAPersevere.”

To this, the reply came, “I’m carrying the names of nearly 11 million people, and the hopes and dreams of many more. Permission to come aboard. Let’s go. #CountdownToMars.”

NASA, the organisation responsible for the launch, did not forget to pitch in the conversation. “Saved you a seat, @Twitter. #CountdownToMars,” read the reply.

However, Twitter was quick enough to ask about the seating arrangement. “Is it a window or an aisle? We can’t ride in the middle for that long.”

NASA saved its game with a reply, “Don’t worry. There’s plenty of…space.”

Caring about the journey of the Rover for the next seven months, Twitter was quick to ask, “Got enough of those jokes to last seven months?” However, it soon added, “On second thought, seven months is a long time and we kinda just met, but can we keep in touch?”

Replying to the question, Mars Perseverance Rover replied, “Thanks to the Deep Space Network, we can make this long-distance relationship work. Save the date for landing? Feb. 18, 2021 #CountdownToMars.”

With an affirmative answer, Twitter wrote, “Send pics and check in often… we can make this work!”

The last remark came from NASA, showering the blessings. “Relationspaceship Goals. Here’s where you can check in on @NASAPersevere and our other robotic explorer friends in real time:”

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