Wish to Visit Mars? Twitter is Suiting-up Netizens for the Red Planet So You Can Bid Goodbye to Earth

File image by Reuters.

File image by Reuters.

As the #CountdownToMars for NASA’s Perseverance rover began, Twitter on Thursday asked netizens: ‘Who wants to be transported off this planet?’

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  • Last Updated: July 30, 2020, 10:45 AM IST

NASA’s Perseverance rover is all set to leave Earth and embark on over a 35 million miles journey to Mars to dig up signs of ancient microbial life.

As the #CountdownToMars has already begun on Twitter with the rover’s launch day set to Thursday, Perseverance will explore Mars for habitability, bring samples back to earth, and perhaps help humans reach the Martian surface in the near future.

Only a few hours to go for the 7-month-journey, the good folks at NASA are stoked and rightly so.

NASA’s Curiosity rover is looking forward to being joined by Perseverance.

But if you are feeling left out, there is some good news for you. Although the mission is not a manned one, microblogging website Twitter is offering you a quick photoshop and escape from the Blue Planet. All you have to do is tweet to them.

Keeping it plain and simple, Twitter on Thursday wrote: “Who wants to be transported off this planet?”

Soon enough, requests started pouring in.

Others joined in too.

You can catch the live launch of NASA’s Perseverance rover here:

And if you are done with Earth as others, you know what you have to do.

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