Monkey Siblings Hang on a Tree Branch Munching Snacks, Adorable Video Goes Viral

A video that will certainly bring a smile to your face features two absolutely cute and adorable lion tamarin monkey siblings.

The clip has been shared by Akron Zoo’s official Facebook page. In the minute-long clip, one can hear the keeper say ‘Good Boy’ multiple times. Towards the end we see that the brother-sister duo are hanging on a branch and are eating some kind of a snack. The keeper too can be seen saying ‘Good boy’ and ‘Good Girl’.

Captioning the video, which has won hearts online, the zoo wrote, “Most people try to avoid eating snacks while on the scale, but not our golden lion tamarins! Mico and Coco are brother and sister and the two monkeys enjoy training sessions in their behind-the-scenes bedroom with their care team. Of course, it does include tasty snacks as positive reinforcement!”

The viral video has been liked by more than 270 people on Facebook alone. Many users who have clearly been gushing over their cuteness have asked their whereabouts. A person said, “Where are they located”, replying to the man’s query the zoo wrote, “they live in our rainforest habitat in Komodo Kingdom.”

People have also appreciated the video by sharing ‘love this’ GIFs. A user has also written beautifully in the comments.

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