Donald Trump Says ‘Nobody Likes’ Him, and Twitter Thinks He ‘Finally Told the Truth’

President Donald Trump complained on Tuesday about medical expert Anthony Fauci’s high approval ratings and joked that “nobody likes me” as he struggles to improve his standing with voters for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci, an infectious disease expert who is on Trump’s coronavirus task force, is one of the most trusted people in government and many Americans listen to his advice diligently on how to protect themselves from infection.

The subject of Fauci came up at a news conference where Trump defended his support for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a hedge against the virus. Trump said he felt the drug worked “in the early stages.”

Athough Trump had vehemently supported and promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating Covid-19. However, several health experts, and we’re sure Dr. Fauci agrees, the drug can cause several complications including fatal heart problems.

Trump proceeded to ask people liked Dr Fauci, who worked for the government, and no one really liked him, given that he is the head of the state.

“He’s working with our administration and for the most part we have done pretty much what he and others, Dr. Birx and others, who are terrific, recommended. And he’s got this high approval rating. So why don’t I have a high approval rating and the administration with respect to the virus? We should have a very high (approval rating),” Trump said.

“So it sort of is curious, a man works for us, and yet they’re highly thought of and nobody likes me. It can only be my personality,” he said.

Very soon, Trmp’s speech went viral on social media and #NobodyLikesMe was a legitimate trend on Twitter:

What came as a shock to many Americans was the fact that the President was more concerned about whether people liked him or Dr Fauci, even as the US remains the worst-hit country during the pandemic.

The recent rise in U.S. deaths and infections has dampened early hopes that the country was past the worst of a crisis that has decimated businesses and put millions of Americans out of work. Four U.S. states in the South and West reported one-day records of coronavirus deaths on Tuesday. The national death toll is almost 150,000.

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