Two Cute Kois Swimming Round and Round in Pond is the Cutest Thing on Internet Today

In such trying times, any video that has a feel good or a happy element comes as a boon. Recently, a video that will make you go ‘aww’ has been breaking the internet.

In the short clip that has been shared on Twitter, two Koi can be seen swimming in a tiny pond. What is fascinating is the fact that both of them have formed a circle and are rotating at the same spot.

The video of these cuties has been shared by a user whose handle name is lavish_fixation. She has also sought netizen help in figuring out what type of Koi are these two.

A user, who had a first hand experience with one of these, said, “They are very cute but also very aggressive. My father caught one by accident in our garden and sadly we legally had to call a vet to put him down. Wanted to give him some water and food but he was so aggressive in his cage, couldn’t go near it. It’s a wild animal.”

Another person in a rather witty tone said, “(The crocodile hunter accent) My lady what you have stumbled here is one of the most rarest animals in the world The Darkface bush tailed Koi there’s supposedly on 3 left in the world let’s get a closer look at em.”

Take a look at some other reactions:

Till now, the clip has been viewed over four million times and has been liked by over four lakh people. There have been all kinds of comments on the post ranging from people’s personal experience to witty remarks.

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