Peak 2020? Viral Videos Show Batman’s ‘Joker’ Jet-Skiing in New York River

We’ve reached peak 2020. The Batman’s villain, Joker, was spotted jet-skiing in a New York River. And no, this time, it wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg.

The man, dressed as the Joker from “Batman” was spotted jet-skiing on the East River in New York, apparently having migrated from Gotham city during the pandemic.

The man was dressed as the comic book villain, complete with full-on white face makeup and signature red painted smile. He was spotted skipping the waves on his jet-ski under the Brooklyn Bridge.

For some reason, a closer-photo of the man shows that the end of the gloves he was wearing to grip onto the handlebar of the jet ski, was emblazoned with the insignia of Batman.

This was not the first time the man dressed as the joker on a jet-skii was spotted in New York.

While we’re unsure why the Joker decided this was the best time to go jet-skiing, we kind of get it: The pandemic can really be a trying time. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg can join him next time.

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