Johnny Depp, Amber Heard have been living in luxury amid the ‘libel of the decade’

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard have been living in luxury amid the ‘libel of the decade’

With the court case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard heating up, the duo has been living it big with luxury vacations and some R&R while they await the results of the ‘libel of the decade’.

According to a piece written for the Daily Mail Online, Alison Boshoff compared the current spending expenses of the duo while they wait to see how their court case unfolds.

According to her findings, both have been dipping into some major cash reserves while funding their hangouts with their entourage and numerous celebrity backers. Reportedly the couple has also been indulging in the purchase of secret weapons during this time of stress.

“The seven premium suites cost up to £20,000-a-night for the Royal which has four bedrooms and bathrooms – making it perfect for someone like Depp who is constantly in the company of two-man security detail. All suites come with a butler and access to a private walk-in wine cellar.”

She went on to say, “Staff at the Corinthia are fond of the actor and say he is always polite and friendly. He has been ‘staying in’, eating room service. His favourite food is fried chicken or anything Mexican. In contrast to his hell-raising days, he is going to bed by 11pm to be fresh for court.”

Heard, on the other hand, has checked into the Ham Yard Hotel alongside her girlfriend of seven months, Bianca Butti. The designing of the space was carefully crafted by Kit Kemp and go upwards of about £4,500-a-night.

Boshoff explains, “The rooms overlook the hotel’s pretty courtyard. There is a well-regarded spa on site and a hairdresser who may be responsible for Miss Heard’s elaborate signature plaits.”

Depp’s entourage, Stephen Deuters and his wife have also been staying at a rather lavish establishment. Boshoff claims, “The 41-year-old Briton has been working with Depp for 15 years and is now European president of the star’s movie production company Infinitum Nihil.”

During the course of his stay, Depp has been seen out and about with Deuter’s wife as well. “He was followed out by Gina, 42, who was driven back to the Corinthia with him at about 8pm. This week she declined to comment on Depp.”

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