How a Weekend Mantra From Anand Mahindra Turned into a Motivating Thread on Twitter

File image of Anand Mahindra / CNBC TV 18.

File image of Anand Mahindra / CNBC TV 18.

Anand Mahindra’s tweet ignited conversation, and people started posting inspirational quotes in his comment section on Twitter.

  • Last Updated: July 26, 2020, 12:15 PM IST

Many motivational leaders are harnessing the social power of Twitter to spread their philosophies – perhaps because when their speaking engagements are over, tweeting becomes a way to reinforce their message daily and reach the audience beyond the stage.

Anand Mahindra is amongst one who keeps engaging with his followers and a recent post of his involving weekend advice is no different.

Mahindra Tweeted, “A big thank you to the friend who shared this with me this morning. Perfect weekend advice for those of us in business, who believe things are under control or always try to bring them under control!”

His tweet is complete with a cute image with a caption written on it, which read: “Relax, nothing is under control.”

As soon as it was shared, it breaks the internet with almost more than 25000 likes and gathered 2500 retweets. This motivational struck the chord and started the wholesome conversation of being motivated throughout life.

Here’s what netizens expressed to Mahindra as they too believe it. One of the users said, “Live life today and deal with tomorrow when it comes. We can’t control how our life begins or ends. We can only control how we live it.”

Another user expressing her thoughts wrote, “Such a cute smiling face! Also, we can never control someone or something. We only manage/influence certain situations or things. Hence, nothing is ever in our control.”

Here are some of the more reaction to the tweet, Have a look:

In the subsequent tweets, people shared their thoughts and opinions on the message given by Mahindra. Till then keep motivated and motivating others.

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