12-year-old Chandigarh Girl Dances Her Way to Record Books by Doing Bhangra on Skates

12-year-old skater from Chandigarh dances with her skates on.

12-year-old skater from Chandigarh dances with her skates on.

Janvi Jindal from Chandigarh learned skating from her father with the help of YouTube videos and registered her name in the Indian Book of Records in two categories.

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  • Last Updated: July 26, 2020, 6:26 PM IST

Janvi Jindal, 12-year-old skater from Chandigarh, has made it to Indian Book of Records for being the youngest skater to do Bhangra on skates and for pulling up the ‘Marvellous feat to glide downstairs while skating’.

Skating is not an easy sport and performing a dance with it is a kind art that requires great balance, control in which all the dance postures and turns have to be choreographed to perfection.

Janvi, who won the national skating championship in 2019, learned skating from her father through YouTube videos and now Janvi is an oracle in it. She started taking classes at the tender age of 8. Janvi sought instruction from a Punjabi choreographer during which she learned to dance while skating.

“I started my training at the age of eight. My father trained me with the help of YouTube videos. I am taking special training from a choreographer in order to learn dance moves while skating,” Janvi told to ANI, ” I want to make records in the future. I feel proud after getting registered in the India Book of Records.”

Her family said she was the first in India to be able to glide downstairs while skating and even do the Bhangra with skates on.

Earlier in 2015, a seven-year-old boy sets a world record for the longest distance traveled while limbo dancing on skates.

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