WATCH: Cat Gets Caught Twice While Trying to Steal Cash from a Bar in Russia

It was the cutest crime thriller that unfolded inside a bar in Russia’s Anapa. A cat with cash clutched firmly in its mouth made two unsuccessful attempts to run away with cash clutched firmly in its mouth. Both the times, the purrfect theft was captured on a CCTV camera nearby inside the pub, in southwestern region of Krasnodar Krai.

The first attempt was thwarted by a person standing nearby. The cat dropped the cash on the floor which was then picked up by the person, owner of the bar Nadezhda Vodolazskay was quoted as saying. The pub released the video on its Instagram page earlier this week.

The cat seemed in no mood to give up and made another attempt at the burglary. This time none of the customers who were standing at the bar counter tried to stop it. Instead they laughed at the cute little thief who was running away with what it thought was cash. But instead, it was a bundle of old USSR rubles which were kept on the shelves for decorative purposes.

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