Piers Morgan believes Kim Kardashian put ‘first lady’ dreams ahead of Kanye’s mental health

Piers Morgan believes Kim Kardashian put ‘first lady’ dreams ahead of Kanye’s mental health

Piers Morgan recently slammed Kim Kardashian for her rather emotional Instagram update and alleged ‘lofty’ ambitions about making it to the White House as a first lady.

The TV presenter recalled Kanye’s previous altercation with the media and how the reality TV star bashed them for “trying to demonize my husband” for firing his manger and professing his love for the president of the United States.

His article in Daily Mail said, “So quick to label him as having mental health issues for just being himself when he has always been expressive is not fair. Mental Health is no joke and the media needs to stop spitting that out so casually. Bottom line.”

However, this time Kim reacted completely differently, Morgan claimed, “First, let me acknowledge that it was good to see her finally speaking about Kanye’s mental illness.”

“I urged her to do something about his humiliating public self-implosion, in a column I posted on Monday, and she did. It even emerged that she had tried that same day to get Kanye the medical treatment he so clearly needs, something I specifically urged her to do.”

Although Morgan believes a diagnosis like bipolar disorder can cause a rather major impact on relationships, he also believes it is completely bonkers for Kim to demand privacy in this situation. “And she’s right that Kanye is a sick man who deserves our compassion and empathy, even if there’s something vaguely ridiculous about a Kardashian asking for privacy given how cynically and ruthlessly they’ve commercialized every aspect of their private lives for the past decade.”

In Morgan’s eyes, none of Kim’s extremely “eloquent words” gave her any free pass for her “complicit behavior”. Especially after Kim was very quick to jump the presidency bandwagon even though it would obviously be “the very last thing anyone suffering from bi-polar should be doing.”

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