Kanye West Appreciates ‘Heart of Africa’ Bio Dome, Zoo Tells Him They’re Old Plans

Rapper Kanye West seems to be holding a tight grip on several projects across the globe after he recently declared his candidature to run for the President of America in 2020.

In one of his latest tweets, Kanye hailed the ‘Heart of Africa’ bio dome, planned by Chester Zoo in North England.

In his tweet, Kanye wrote, “YZY team loves Proctor Matthews Architects ‘Africa Heart’ bio dome.”

Chester Zoo appreciated the support from the rapper, thanking him for the gesture. The Zoo administration did not forget to remind the singer-rapper that the plans are rather old and not the recent ones.

They wrote, “Hey ye – Glad you love it! Thanks for highlighting our work to help save endangered species from extinction. Unfortunately these are old plans now, but once we’ve saved our zoo following the Coronavirus pandemic, things like this might be possible again.”

The project, ‘Heart of Africa’ bio dome is planned to be constructed as Europe’s largest conservation, animal, and leisure attraction. The structure, with height 34 meters and an area of 16,000 square meters, will reciprocate the African rainforest habitats of the Congo.

The ‘Heart of Africa’ bio dome will be home to animals including gorillas, birds, reptiles, chimpanzees, okapi (rare giraffe-like creatures), amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. It will also include a water ride to facilitate an extensive view of the animal enclosures.

The project was expected to open to visitors in 2014 at the Chester Zoo. However, the plans were later shelved. Despite winning the planning approval, the construction has been on hold for almost 10 years due to Government cutbacks.

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