Haryana Tea Seller Applies for Loan, Shocked to Find He Already Owes Rs 50 Crore to the Bank

A tea-seller in Haryana was shocked to find that he owed Rs 50 crore to a bank although he claimed he had never taken a loan in his life.

According to a report by ANI, Rajkumar makes a living by selling tea in Dharmanagari near Kurukshetra. He said that he had approached a bank to apply for a loan since he had been facing a financial crisis owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, much to his dismay, the bank refused to give him a loan saying that he already owed more than 50 crore and that his CIBIL score was bad. According to reports, Rajkumar’s loan description shows that a loan was taken from his bank account every month. He believes that his account has been misused by a fraudster pretending to be him.

Like thousands of people around the country, Rajkumar’s business too has been affected by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown imposed in India. He has not been able to figure out how he owes such a massive loan to the bank. He said that he never took a loan, and yet the bank made him a lone defaulter.

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