Covidiot Woman De-boarded from Plane for Refusing to Wear a Mask, Passengers Applaud

Covidiots and maskholes are all around us who undermine the dangers of coronavirus and who think lockdowns, social distancing and face masks are just unnecessary. One such covidiot was recently found on a flight who refused to wear a face mask.

However, the flight crew took strong notice of it and asked her to de-board the plane, much to the respite of other passengers. But the passengers applauding as she was getting off the plane is reassuring that people do understand the importance of facemasks amid the pandemic. In the video, the woman, without a mask or face shield, is seen angrily removing her luggage from the overhead bins. As she moves out through the aisle, the entire plane applauds.

“Karen kicked off flight she because she refused to wear a mask. Entire plane applauds,” a Twitter user wrote as he shared the video.

In the comments section, people expressed anger over the irresponsible behaviour while the world is in the middle of a pandemic.

However, others opposed the fact that people clapped as the woman was getting off the plane.

Across the world, 1,54,29,889 people have been infected with coronavirus, while 6,31,680 people have died. As scientists are getting closer to making a vaccine, the only deterrents known so far are face masks, social distancing and hand hygiene.

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