From ‘Compooter’ to ‘BM Dabalu’, Desi Netizens Relive Hilarious ‘Hinglish’ Words on Twitter

Indian version of English words went viral on Twitter.

Indian version of English words went viral on Twitter.

From tashion to bijness, Twitter discusses how Indians pronounce certain English words in the most Desi manner.

  • Last Updated: July 23, 2020, 12:26 AM IST

English is an amusing language and the phrase gets a much funnier twist when it comes to Indians.

Owing to the difference in our speech and dialect, Indians have come up with ‘unique’ versions of English words that have a distinctly Desi pronunciation.

Recently a tweet thread containing several such words went viral and it was hilarious. Twitter is a platform, where it does not take lots of time to start a long thread.

It all started when a Twitter user asked, “WTF is Station? it’s Tashion.” Individuals have taken it on themselves to start the wholesome conversation of the Indianised English. When more and more people entered, the tweets started to go viral.

Here are some of the hilarious ones we have taken out for you, Have a look:

Such words may be known only to Indians. Will the world accept this Desi version of English? We may never know. Till then let’s have ‘peejaaa’ in our ‘baaool’ and let’s get back to our ‘bijness.’

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