Daniel Radcliff Almost Quit Acting Before Harry Potter, Know Why On Star’s 31st Birthday

A file photo of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

A file photo of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

As the Harry Potter actor celebrates his 31st birthday, here is a throwback to the time when he wasn’t interested in acting anymore.

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Actor Daniel Radcliffe turns 31 today and while we have been a fan of his work since our childhood, there was a time when he wanted to quit acting. This was just before the producers of Harry Potter series had approached for the lead role in JK Rowling’s fiction series.

Radcliffe the face of JK Rowling’s fictitious character Harry Potter after he featured in the films based on the fiction series. Casting director Janet Hirshenson had once revealed in an interview in 2015 when young Radcliffe was approached for the role, he seemed just not interested.

It seemed quite a task for the makers of the film as JK Rowling had been very specific about the character demands. She wanted only British actors to be cast, Harry Potter had to be of a specific age and have green eyes. But, despite his brown eyes, Radcliffe impressed director Chris Columbus and producer David Heyman.

“He just wasn’t interested. He didn’t want to be an actor anymore,” Hirshenson said in an interview,,

However, Columbus and Heyman convinced him when they met his father in a theatre and asked him to come for auditions.

While the producers zeroed in on two boys, including Radcliffe, for the role, it was Radcliffe who had fair chances as his persona had features that they were looking for the Harry on screen. Columbus and the producers were sure.

Meanwhile Radcliffe’s fans are sending him wishes on his birthday and some are even finding it difficult to accpet that he is 31 already. Feeling old yet?

While we sit and look back at our memories of Harry Potter and how Radcliffe is the face of it all, it seems quite unsettling to let it sink in that there could have been other face of Harry Potter.

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