‘Do Whatever to be Safe’: Varanasi Paan Seller Wears PPE while Carrying Out Business

Video grab.
(Image credit: NDTV)

Video grab.
(Image credit: NDTV)

Along with his white-coloured protective gear, the paan seller can also be seen wearing surgical gloves and the mandatory face mask.

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  • Last Updated: July 22, 2020, 8:52 PM IST

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of our lives. Now as things are slowly getting back to normal, people are taking all the necessary precautions while resuming their work. One such person is a Varanasi-based paan seller who wears a PPE kit while at work.

According to a video accessed by NDTV, Vishal Chaurasia wears a PPE kit while selling paan to his customers. Along with his white-coloured protective gear, he can also be seen wearing surgical gloves and the mandatory face mask.

This has been done as a precautionary measure since the cases are spiking even as the lockdown has been eased.

Speaking to NDTV, he said, “Thousands of people come to my shop. I am not aware of their medical condition. I get 1-2 litres of sanitiser which I use liberally and also ask my customers to do the same.”

Interestingly, Vishal also sanitises the currency he exchanges with his customers. Furthermore, he has also urged his fellow business persons to take all precautionary measures against the deadly virus.

The paan seller added, “My fellows too should adopt all precautionary measures. They should use sanitiser and gloves at all times. I can understand it is difficult to wear the kit in this weather but one should do whatever they can to be safe in such trying times.”

Meanwhile, people in general are being advised to not venture out of their houses until not necessary. Those who are going out should be taking all preventive measures. One of the prerequisites before venturing out at any time is the usage of face mask. Apart from that, people should also be practicing social distancing.

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