WATCH: This Elephant Taking a Nap in Pool before Swimming is Mood

What have elephants ever done that makes them anything less than adorable? In a recent incident, an elephant was caught on camera having a lie-down in water. The adorable giant was found slumbering in the pool of Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, this week.

The elephant named Colonel was slightly reticent at first about the idea of swimming inside his exhibit at the zoo.

However, he put on quite the show while taking naps in the water to keep cool. According to the zoo, since animal-keepers have been able to get Colonel in the water, “they can’t keep him out.”

In the video posted by the Fort Worth Zoo, one can see Colonel also lift his trunk out of the water to take a breath while lounging in the splash pool. Colonel, at the age of 29, weighs somewhere around 9,500 pounds.

The pool, which is an off-exhibit area under construction, is set to open next spring at the zoo.

As per the Fort Worth Zoo, the “Elephant Springs” exhibit will increase the size of the existing exhibit by three

times and “offer numerous enriching experiences” for the wildlife.

The zoo’s Facebook post, video credited to zookeeper Christine, reads, “Colonel was first hesitant about swimming and it took a lot of animal-keeper trust before he would get in. And look at him now! Keepers said they can’t keep him out of the water these days (sic.)”

The delightful post was captioned as, “When you’re taking a catnap but need to take a breath.”

The post, since shared on July 16, has collected over 244k views and 7k likes.

A user commented, “Looks like colonel is enjoying the water.” “I envy his snorkel! I wish I had one so I could spend Texas summers in the water too!,” wrote another.

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