Piers Morgan slams Kim Kardashian for not taking care of her ‘mentally sick’ husband Kanye West

Piers Morgan slams Kim Kardashian for not taking care of her ‘mentally sick’ husband Kanye West

Piers Morgan slammed Kim Kardashian for being ‘too busy selling underwear pics’. This all began shortly after Kanye’s “most shocking and disturbing celebrity meltdowns” was aired, the internet became divided over the Kardashian curse that seems to have led Kanye to go on a massive downward spiral during his presidential race address.

In her personal opinion piece for the Daily Mail, Morgan claimed that although the rapper’s past tweets would reek of “attention-seeking narcissism”, he is now having a very horrific bipolar ‘episode’ because he is “mentally sick.”

Morgan’s piece read, “I found the whole thing utterly horrifying and cringe-making. What kind of husband and father starts screaming hysterically on live TV about nearly aborting one of their children? The daughter he was talking about was the couple’s firstborn, North, who is now seven years old.”

“North will now know that for months before she was born, her parents contemplated aborting her. That’s a very hurtful thing for any child to learn at that age, let alone one who will now have to see and hear the world gossiping about it because her mother and father are so famous”

In his piece, Morgan began questioning Kim’s lack of involvement and active aid towards her husband in his time of need. Morgan believes Kanye is “a mentally ill man with a lengthy history of bi-polar episodes” and he was “self-imploding before the public’s eyes in a way that should horrify any wife.”

He also said she should “stop posting titillating pictures of herself to millions of strangers” because it is “obvious to anyone with half a brain cell” that Kanye’s attempt at a presidential race “was going to blow up like this.”

“Her only public pronouncements in recent days have been to post more semi-naked photos of herself on social media from her new underwear collection, to drive yet further vast wads of cash into the Kardashian bank vaults.”

He concluded saying, “He’s getting no help from anyone who claims to love him. They’re all just sitting back and watching him humiliate himself on a massive stage. What Kanye West needs is an intervention.”

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