Kris Jenner making plans to incorporate Kanye’s meltdowns for a rating boost?

Kris Jenner making plans to incorporate Kanye’s meltdowns as a rating boaster?

Kanye West’s political meltdown has caught the attention of Kris Jenner who reportedly plans to use this as a ratings booster KUWTK.

According to numerous fans, there has been a circulating theory going on that claims Kris Jenner might use Kanye’s public blowout to rack up KUWTK ratings and stay relevant in the public eye.

One fan commented upon the alleged publicity stunt, claiming, “The sad thing is that the #Kardashians are exploiting #KanyeWest and whatever he’s going through and will use this for another season of their show. Stop watching @KUWTK. They’re evil.”

Another assumed it was all a ploy staged by Kris Jenner in a desperate attempt to monetize KUWTK further. “I’m torn between believing Kanye West needs medical help or this is another elaborate plot constructed by Kris Jenner for the next season of KUWTK.”

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