Kangaroos Sabotage Football Match in Australia, Netizens Left Amused

Football match getting disrupted by a pair of kangaroos. Credits: AFL

Football match getting disrupted by a pair of kangaroos. Credits: AFL

A video of a football match perturbed by a pair of kangaroos has gone popular on the internet.

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  • Last Updated: July 21, 2020, 11:56 AM IST

There is no shortage of animal videos on the internet. But a recent video wherein a pair of kangaroos invaded a football match is clearly something that has not been seen before. 

The clip has been shared by Australian Football League’s (AFL) Twitter handle. In the eight seconds video, one can see how the two Kangaroos are running around in the entire field. The football players too are seen running after them.

Captioning the now-viral clip, the AFL said, “Put him in the ruck! Community footy is back in New South Wales and the locals are…jumping…for joy”. The video has been shot by a person named Sharri Castellari. 

The post has taken the social media platform by a storm. It has already been viewed over 46 thousand times and has been liked by more than 800 people. The short clip was shared on the handle on July 18.

As one would expect, the netizens have been quite amused by the never-seen-before kind of incident’s clip. Twitterati too has ensured to leave witty and laughable comments on the post.

“If the opposition team was the Kangaroos I would have asked the umpire for a headcount,” a Twitter user joked.

Another one, who wittily remarked on the Kangaroo as players of the sport, tweeted, “Scouting report on the new players: Lethal on either foot, excellent vertical leap, however, wingspan is limited and can get a bit lazy.”

Some other absolutely amused and funny reactions on the post included:

This is not the first time Kangaroos enter the football ground. Earlier this year during a woman’s first league football match was delayed for almost 20 minutes when the kangaroo hopped barriers, sprinted the length of the field, and settled in the penalty box.

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