Asymptomatic Covid-19 Patients Dancing in Karnataka’s Isolation Ward Will Give You Hope

In times as trying as these, even the smallest gestures become a ray of hope. Recently, a group of asymptomatic coronavirus patients conducted a flash mob in their ward.

This positivity filled dance video was filmed at Government Dental College in Bellary, Karnataka, according to ANI. Patients, along with the medical professionals, danced their hearts out on various Bollywood and regional tracks.

The power-packed video was recorded on July 19. Since being shared, the clip has been viewed over one lakh times and has been liked by more than 6500 users.

As can be seen in the video, all the participants in the flash mob are wearing masks and have also maintained social distancing while performing. A person tweeted, “Why shouldn’t this be considered as an initiative by the asymptomatic to keep their morales high when they are confined? Shouldn’t we be looking at positives during these times?” Replying to the tweet, another user shared a clip from Ghatkoper, where something similar is seen happening. In the video, one can see that a choreographer is teaching some dance steps to the people in the coronavirus care centre. The people in the video are wearing masks and are maintaining social distancing as they master the steps.

Take a look at some other reactions:

Netizens have lauded both the idea and spirit. In fact, a user opined that this could be considered as an initiative by all asymptomatic COVID-19 patients to keep their morales high.

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