‘Dynasty’ star Nathalie Kelley boasts brother Tomas’s achievements in trans rights advocation

‘Dynasty’ star Nathalie Kelley boasts brother Tomas’s achievements in trans rights advocation

Dynasty star Nathalie Kelley also joined in on the protests by sharing a picture of her brother in Buenos Aires Argentina fighting for equal job opportunities.

Nathalie captioned her post saying, “This my brother Tomás @triggerw4rning. We share the same biological father but never met until last year. He inspires me so much with his maturity and activism.”

Later, she asked her brother to give a quick introduction in which he detailed a rather emotional tell-all that left fans gutted.

He explained, “This is Tomás in his own words. My name is Tomas, I am a 19-year-old trans man, I am an artist, composer, music producer and activist of the Trans Youth Movement (@movimientodejuventudestrans), a Latin American organization that aims to defend trans people rights, share important and above all, raise awareness of the realities trans people face here.

“I recently released my first debut EP, I want to represent trans males in art in general but mainly in the music field, because representation is so important for the younger generations.”

Many fans became ecstatic, not only over the sibling’s close bond but also about their activeness towards social causes and justice.

One user wrote, “Thank you for letting us into your life young Tomas” while another went on to say, “You can a wonderful sister to help raise awareness for you. Thank you for your realness we need more people like you.”

Tomas also reiterated some of the hardest issues plaguing trans people in Argentina, “In Argentina, trans people are legally recognized in the Gender Identity Law 26.543, however, we face a high unemployment rate as a community due to discrimination in the workplace.”

“We want to combat this with the Trans Labor Quota (Cupo Laboral Trans) which guarantees an insured percentage of trans workers in the State and private companies. In addition to the lack of job opportunities, we also face hate crimes and the advancement of groups that attempt against the guarantee of rights for trans people.”

“Facts are facts and [I am] so glad young people like you are speaking of facts – maybe love won’t change their mind but the blatant injustice happening might! thank you for being so open to us and letting us into your world we love yall,” wrote another fan.

Another added, “We will never stop fighting because people like you and your brother continue to fight! always and forever #translivesmatter.”

He concluded by saying, “Although this is the situation we are experiencing in Argentina, we must not forget that even in first world countries there are violations of basic human rights towards trans people, such as compulsory sterilization and the fact of having to undergo surgical procedures in order to change your legal documentation.”

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