Watch: ‘Horrible Boss’s Honest Work Call’ is the Most Relatable Video on Work from Home

‘Work from Home’ is the new normal now and there’s no escape from it anytime soon. The initial news of WFH might have cheered some, but with millions of professionals at it for what has been nearly four months now, it hasn’t been a walk in the park. As most firms moved to this arrangement literally overnight, working from home is calling for a huge adjustment.

With no set boundaries and the lines being blurred as far as the number of work hours are concerned, fatigue is bound to set in. Most people are stuck to the desk all day long or glued to the phone continuously, posing a big challenge to concentrating and being productive.

A survey done by VitalSmarts established that one in five leaders is unprepared to manage remote teams effectively. However, if you are up for taking it with a pinch of salt, here’s your redemption from all the sulking.

A content creator on Instagram has posted a self-made video which will surely aid in driving your work from home blues away. Anuraag Verma, who likes to approach situations with a comical bend, has given a hilarious take to the WFH phenomenon.

In his office humour video, he pretends to be a boss who is managing his team virtually, with utmost honesty. However, this particular boss seems to be way too honest, asking one of his employees to mute their sound during a conference video call not because of network glitch, but because he prefers it like that. Yes, these are the kinds of unfiltered remarks and feedback, the “horrible boss” flings during work calls.

Verma captioned the video, “What would you say to your boss or co-workers if you could be completely honest? Tag someone you work with and make them smile. Don’t forget to mention me @anutheraag when you share this to your stories! “

Verma, who pretends to be the boss wrote, “#Grantmeaccesstoyourbrain” over the video and before concluding his rendition, is heard telling his employees to remember checking emails on Sunday.

The video became an instant hit for users of the photo-sharing platform who gave it thumbs up. Many employees found it relatable and were reminded of their own working experience. Several who watched on loop said it was a respite to their pent-up feelings for their bosses.

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