Jeffree Star under fire for comparing the BLM movement to beauty community drama

Jeffree Star under fire for comparing the BLM movement to beauty community drama in recent video

YouTube’s un-cancelable tycone Jeffree Star has found himself in another round of hate and bashing ever since he uploaded his apology statement regarding all the drama incurring within the beauty community.

The video in question begins with a gander into past mistakes. Star begins by saying, “Today there are no new excuses.”

Touching upon his lack of impulse control the YouTuber claims, “I am fully admitting my flaws. Maybe people can learn from me” and the “mistakes from the past” which he has made over the years.

Jeffree claims, “2020 has been very tumultuous for a lot of us. It has been a crazy year and I think that James, myself, and anyone involved would agree with me that there are way bigger issues happening on the planet. I know that some people might say ‘Jeffrey you’re saying this as a distraction’.”

“Reality is here and makeup, drama and beauty community gossip and tea may be entertainment for you and it used to be for me but it’s life and their lives and right now outside of our walls, our world is falling apart and it’s truly shocking. So I am not going to give you an expose to the beauty community. I am not going to end anyone today.”

However this comparison did not sit well with activists in the BLM movement. One user touched on Star’s ignorant comparison and claimed, “Jeffree Star stans defending him after his half. apology, with him throwing BLM into the convo & mispronouncing Elijah McClain’s name & not even correcting it, while conveniently announcing a new launch coming in August, all while still defending & supporting Shane.”

While another claimed, “People either don’t want to acknowledge that jeffree star is a master manipulator and a selfishly disgusting person, or they don’t care that he is and i don’t know which is scarier.”

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