Ellen reportedly racks up over 60% of show profits despite being ousted as ‘mean’

Ellen reportedly racks up over 60% of show profits despite being ousted as ‘mean’

Despite getting canceled by the majority of the Gen Z populace, Ellen DeGeneres continues to cash in a large chunk of the revenue from advertisements on her show despite the low ratings.

According to a recent Forbes article, a journalist Madeline Berg claims the talk-show host made about $87.5 million just this year. She also earned about $20 million for creating a Netflix special of her show.

As per the deal that she signed for the show, CNN states about 60% of all advertising based profits go directly under her name. her biggest sponsors include Shutterfly, Scotch Tape, Bubly, and Geico.

Time and time again Ellen has chosen to side with her sponsors rather than fans or consumers around the globe. One such event occurred when Ellen chose to tape an episode of her show beforehand rather than choosing to stand in solidarity with her fellow writers during the WGA strike.

Despite all of the backlash that was spewed once her ‘mean’ demeanour came to light, her fans have continued to show her support and as a result of that, her net worth remains unshaken. An insider claims, “Ellen’s been in our homes for so long, it’ll take a lot more than a bodyguard and a blogger to change how people feel about her. Her best response is just being happy Ellen on the show every day.”

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