With Grey Hair and Face Mask, US Teens Pose as Elderly People to Get Alcohol

The World Health Organization has recommended wearing face cover to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. An incident in the United States, however, indicates some people are using this precautionary measure to their advantage. A few Gen Z kids disguised as elderly people to score alcohol despite being under the legal drinking age in a bid to convince shopkeepers. Teens have been found sneakily purchasing booze and seem to have managed to pull off this prank.

The stunt has taken social media by storm – especially TikTok where teenagers with a combination of makeup and convincing outfit are hitting liquor stores under the guise of being old people who don’t need ID.

A social media user who’d attempted the trick said the ‘old lady’ hobbled around a convenience store and was not asked for her Identity card to confirm her age. It’s actually just her pal in a costume though.

To add to the mockery, the unaware store owner felt concerned if the ‘old lady’ would manage to cart away the bottles on her own without aid.

The kids have been seen wearing incredible costume drama in some generic old lady fashion. They were able to accomplish the look with baggy cardigans, sandals, headscarves and all-important face masks. Not to forget, the makeup with rubber mask that makes one look older. Some even used hand- gloves to hide the youthful skin.

Videos of users bedecked as boozehound grannys who are apparently successful with bottles in hand are moving up millions of views.

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