Tired of Your Quarantine View? WindowSwap Lets You Look Into Other People’s Worlds

Image credits: WindowSwap.

Image credits: WindowSwap.

In a way, the entire sharing process on WindowSwap becomes more than just a way to travel: It becomes a tiny gesture of kindness and reminder of the ways that the Internet can make the world feel smaller.

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  • Last Updated: July 17, 2020, 10:37 AM IST

A little over half a year into 2020, and we’ve already spent most of our time indoors.

Our interaction with the outdoor world is becoming increasingly limited, and while there have been relaxations on going outside, staying indoors is still your safest bet. Travel plans, group meetings outdoors, hanging out at cafes and or even visiting your friend’s houses have all taken a halt, thanks to the global pandemic.

And while it’s probably the safest option, we’re sure you’re already tired of looking out your window at the same, exact view every single day.

A new website, tackles just this. Called ‘WindowSwap,’ the site does what it literally says – it lets you swap windows, virtually. With a single click, you get to look outside a stranger’s window in a different country, in a different part of the world. The window is not a photo, but a small recorded video, and helps you feel like you’re really there – in Madrid, in London, in the Philippines.

The footage is submitted by real users from across the world. There is rain in Rajasthan, sunny skies in San Diego, a new morning in New York from a skyscraper: No two views are alike, even when they’re taken in the same place.

The founders of the site, Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, residents of Singapore have called it their “quarantine project.”

Ranjit told Campaign Asia-Pacific, a regional marketing and communications publication, that she and her husband created Window Swap to “to beat the lockdown blues.”

“It’s going to be a while before we travel again, and wake up to a new view outside our windows. So until then, why not voyeuristically travel by looking out of somebody else’s window for a while?” she added.

The couple also describes WindowSwap as a way of “Travelling without moving.”

Seeing the same view for six months, no matter how beautiful, may seem tiring to some, and this is a quick way to beat the mundaneness.

The site also lets you can submit your own view shot in a in 10-minute-long, horizontal footage from your window sill.

In a way, the entire sharing process becomes more than just a way to travel: It becomes a tiny gesture of kindness and reminder of the ways that the Internet can make the world feel smaller.

Not every view is scenic. Some are ordinary. A view we opened in Bristol, showed an empty street, with leaves slowly falling on the ground. A single car drives by. There is a building right opposite, with the curtains drawn. The view isn’t magnificent, but it’s still beautiful: It’s a sign of reassurance. That there are other people out there in the world, living their lives, and you’re not completely alone.

You can peer into the lives of other people’s through their windows here.

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