Michael Jackson’s ex-manager settles lawsuit with $3M payout

Michael Jackson’s ex-manager settles lawsuit with $3M payout

The longstanding feud between Michael Jackson’s ex-manager, Tohme and the late pop star’s estate has officially come to a mutual end.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, a judge in California, Mark A Young ruled in favor of the ex-manager and granted him his promised payout of the $3 million settlement which he was initially denied because of a lack of written writing.

Tohme was one of the pop icon’s last managers and a few years after his death in 2012, he filed a lawsuit with Jackson’s estate claiming he has owned a 15% commission on the money Jackson made in the last year of his life along with revenues from his This is It music video and a finder’s fee for the Neverland Ranch that Tohme stopped from going into foreclosure.

Although it seemed that the feud would come to an end back in 2019, the two parties had failed to reach a written version and Tohme went on to sue them yet again.

The Hollywood Reporter claims, this release of the estate and Tohme will “irrevocably, unconditionally, release, acquit and forever discharge” any claims both parties ever made against each other.

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