Gold Mask Now a Trend in India with Yet Another Man Donning One Worth 3.5 Lakh in Odisha

Cuttack-based businessman Alok Mohanty is very enthusiastic about gold | Image credit: Twitter

Cuttack-based businessman Alok Mohanty is very enthusiastic about gold | Image credit: Twitter

The Cuttack-based businessman claimed to he had a penchant for gold and when he saw a Pune businessman wearing one, he had to get one too.

  • Last Updated: July 17, 2020, 12:57 PM IST

Days after a Pune man went viral for making and wearing a face mask entirely out of gold, a businessman from Odisha has now opted a golden mask.

Alok Mohanty, a resident if Cuttack, had always been obsessed with gold. When he saw the Pune man with his golden mask, Mohanty could not help himself. He immediately reached out to a Zhaveri Bazaar jeweler in Mumbai and had the mask made.

The 95-mask, which has intricate gold filigree work on it, took 22 days to create and cost the businessman Rs 3.5 lakh. It consists of 90-100 grams of gold. It also has minute breathing holes to make it comfortable for wear.

The mask is not the only gold item that Mohanty owns. According to a report in India Today, Mohanty has been wearing gold ornaments for nearly four decades. “Wearing gold is my weakness,” Mohanty claimed, adding that when he saw others wear golden masks, he had to get one too.

Photos of Mohanty in his golden mask went viral on social media. The man can be seen wearing it along with a bunch of other ornaments including thick gold chains and bejeweled rings. In viral clips from interviews given to local news channels, Mohanty can be seen advising people to wear masks to keep safe from COVID-19.

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A few days ago, Pune-based businessman Shankar Kurade got himself a golden mask which he said pretty thin despite being made of gold and had very minute holes in it to help him breathe. He then admitted that he isn’t too sure if the mask is going to be very effective in preventing coronavirus.

Gold enthusiasts in surat were also seen sporting bejeweled masks made of gold and encrusted diamonds.

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