Twitter’s Mass Cryptocurrency Hack Was (Probably) Carried Out by Their Own Tools

Image for representation. Credits: Twitter.

Image for representation. Credits: Twitter.

Some of the hackers have alleged that they paid one of Twitter employees to give over the accounts.

  • Last Updated: July 16, 2020, 8:43 PM IST

“I’ll send you back double the money,” definitely sounds shady if its an email from a Nigerian prince who tells you he has the same last name as you, but it sounds less scary if it’s a person you know is real – and has a verified blue tick on Twitter.

Late on Wednesday night, the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates and Elon Musk appeared to have been hacked, or fallen prey to a crypto-related scam.

However, it was soon noticed that it wasn’t just these two accounts – The Twitter accounts of Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian West, Warren Buffet, and more appear to have also been compromised.

The scam posted tweets on behalf of Gates and Musk stated a Bitcoin wallet address along with the promise of sending back double the amount of BTC if a user sends a certain amount to the designated wallet first. The scam appeared to happen in two rounds, wherein the scammers posted similar Bitcoin-scamming tweets for the second time from both Gates’ and Musk’s accounts, after their first tweets were deleted.

While scams such as these are fairly common, what’s concerning is how the scammers gained access to high profile Twitter accounts such as these high profile ones.

Twitter, has clarified a bit of this. It explained how the hack was targeted not at the individuals whose accounts had been hacked, but at employees of Twitter who were in positions to control the accounts.

Twitter appears to be acknowledging that numerous people appear to have been involved in the hacks, not just one individual, and that numerous employees were compromised, too. They also shared the steps ahead.

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter also shared how it was a tough day at Twitter.

Vice’s Motherboard has allegedly spoken to some of the hackers, who have alleged that they paid one of the employees to give over the accounts.

It has however, started the conversation on just how much power Twitter admins have over influential accounts.

Twitter has however, not confirmed or denied these allegations.

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