Life-size LEGO Pandas Find a New Home in US Zoo, Took Over 400 Hours to Build

Creativity knows no bounds, in an incident that will leave you mind blown, a zoo has installed life-sized panda replicas in its premises. The interesting and unique fact about these replicas is that they have been made using Lego.

They are installed at San Antonio Zoo. This has been done for an event at the zoo that has a goal of reconnecting people with nature and wildlife.

From what has been claimed by the zoo, these sculptures have been made by renowned artist Sean Kenney.

Sharing the snap of the Panda’s, the zoo revealed that the making involved more than 53 thousand lego bricks and took over 405 hours to complete this work of art.

Captioning the now-viral photo, the zoo wrote, “This sculpture of baby pandas took 405 hours and 53,460 bricks to build! Come see over 30 other LEGO brick sculptures for yourself during Wild Connections at San Antonio Zoo.”

Till now, the post has been shared by more than 480 people and has been liked by over 2,500 users. Majority of the comments on the post are that of appreciation for the installations.

A person, who visited the event, wrote, “Saw the Lego sculptures today and they were amazing!! The kids loved them too and were amazed when they would read how many Lego’s were used to make them. Great job to those who built those beautiful Lego sculptures”.

Another one mentioned, “The LEGO sculptures are a very cool addition to our beloved zoo—had so much fun a couple of weeks ago when we were there.”

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