If 2020 Wasn’t Already Bizarre Enough, the Internet Has Discovered Everything is Cake

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

Six months into the new novel coronavirus pandemic, we’re losing our sense of time and grasp on reality. We started with making Dalgona coffee. Then did dance challenges indoors. Now, the internet is collectively losing their mind over cake.

While there have always been videos showing how things, which appear to be legitimate things, often turned out to be cake have been building up through the years on the Internet, it has kind of snowballed and imploded in the last few days – Is anything real? Is everything made of cake?

Buzzfeed’s recipe channel recently posted a viral video of a compilation of this trend, captioning it, “These are all cake.”

It involved crocs, toilet rolls, plants, soap, hand-sanitizer… and well, the list is just exhaustive.

This is just one of the many, many video compilations which suddenly shot to viral fame in the last few days. The Internet has since started doubting everything – Is this cake? Is everything cake?

We don’t even know how to explain the sorcery in this one.

Hello 911, am I cake?

There’s even cake inspired make-up.

In summary, everything in 2020 is cake.

Except the Jennifer Aniston movie called Cake. That one’s not edible.

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