WATCH: Heavy Rain Spell in Bihar Turns Road into a ‘Waterfall’, Hair-raising Video Goes Viral

Screenshot from video tweeted by @utkarshs88.

Screenshot from video tweeted by @utkarshs88.

The now-viral video captured from a high location in Kaimur district in Bihar shows a copious amount of water can be seen continuously flowing with what is a road underneath.

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  • Last Updated: July 15, 2020, 9:45 AM IST

Heavy spells of rain have been badgering several states of the country like Assam, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Bihar for the past few weeks.

But the monsoon has also brought forth severe life loss and destruction. A recent video of an inundated road in Bihar has been doing the rounds on the internet and has left people speechless.

The clip shows a road in Kaimur district in Bihar and the scene can easily be mistaken for any big waterfall.

The video is captured from a high location and a huge amount of water can be seen continuously flowing with what is a road underneath.

Some of the elevated portions of land stay afloat where curious peeps have lined up to talk and look about.

The video was shared on social media platforms earlier today (July 14) and has been watched by nearly 43,000 Twitter users.

The caption read: “Heavy rains in #Kaimur water flowing on roads #BiharFlood”.

The Twitter user who posted the video also pinpointed the location in reply to another user’s query. He revealed that the GT Road, in the Puraana Market of the district had taken on this new avatar.

Several of the netizens were worried for the onlookers, several of whom appeared to be teenagers or young adults, for standing amidst such high flowing water.

One comment said: “Never underestimate the power of water flow. Why those fools are casually walking on the flowing water ?? (sic)”

Here are some of the other top comments:

Meanwhile, there will be a total lockdown in Bihar from July 16-31 to contain the spread of COVID-19, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Tuesday announced.

On his official Twitter handle, Modi said the 15-day lockdown will remain in force at all municipal, district, sub-divisional and block headquarters level and that guidelines were being prepared.

“The government has taken a decision to this effect… Corona has neither any vaccine nor any medicine,” Modi said in a virtual rally, details of which were shared on his Twitter handle.

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