Park Street Footpath Book-seller’s Son Scores 94.5% in ISC, Studied Under Streetlights

Image for representation.  (PTI)

Image for representation. (PTI)

Elated over his success, his family is now worried about his future amid coronavirus pandemic which has caused delay of entrance exams and colleges are shut too.

  • Last Updated: July 13, 2020, 12:01 PM IST

A book-seller from Park Street in Kolkata is a proud father after his son cleared the ISC exams with 94.5% ad is now preparing for the engineering entrance exam.

Abhay Kumar Gupta, who lives in a one-room set with his parents and a younger brother, scored a perfect 100 in math, 96 in chemistry, 80 in physics, 97 in Hindi, 85 in English and 90 in economics, according to the Telegraph. Yet, Abhay thinks he hasn’t scored good enough given other high-scorers from his school.

Abhay’s story of success is like one one of those inspirational ones of great personalities who would read under the streetlight because their homes did not have enough facilities. He would study on a verandah of an office near his father’s book stall. He had sought permission from the office administration to sit on the verandah for studying.

He said studying at his home was difficult due to the lack of space and loud music played in the neighborhood till midnight. Abhay’s teachers also speak highly of the boy for his hardwork and focus on studies. “He knew he had to do well and is extremely sincere,” The Telegraph quoted his English teacher Joseph Chacko.

Elated over his success, Abhay’s family is now worried about his future amid coornavirus pandemic which has caused delay of entrance exams and colleges are shut too. The lockdown for nearly three months also pushed his family into financial strain as his father could not sell books. Even though the restrictions are relaxed now, sales haven’t picked up so well for him.

Abhay’s father wants him to study further and secure a good job for a better future but he is also aware that engineering is an expensive course. However, Abhay is hopeful that the situation will improve and he will get back to his studies and pursue his dreams at the soonest.

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