Viral Photos of 15-Feet-Long King Cobra Rescued in Tamil Nadu Leaves Twitterati Stunned

A 15-feet-long King Cobra was rescued by the forest department from a village near Coimbatore on Saturday.

The venomous snake was spotted in the Narasipuram village in Thondamuthur when the officials of Coimbatore arrived at the scene and released it into Siruvani forest area.

The majestic photos from its rescue were captured and shared later by news agency ANI on microblogging site Twitter.

Soon enough, the photos went viral on the platform with 1600 “likes” leaving several amused.

Earlier in March, a video of forest official in Goa rescuing a cobra with his bare hands raised a few eyebrows on social media.

Shared by Indian Forest Official Shailendra Singh on the microblogging site Twitter, one could see the official removing some blocks on the roof before he found the reptile. He then used a stick to get hold of the Cobra. He eventually held the snake by its tail and finally put it in a blue bag.

Describing the incident, Shailendra wrote, “A clinical and fuss-free cobra rescue operation by forest officials in Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa. (Via WA) It’s not always a tiger, leopard or an elephant that foresters have to deal with!”

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