Watch: Video of Dog Staring Sadly at Owner for Not Sharing Food is Relatable

How would you feel if someone sitting right in front of you ate good food without offering you some? A dog seems to be unimpressed with his human after he did not offer him the snack he was eating.

In the video that has been shared on the dog’s instagram handle, namely winthegolden, shows the pooch stare at his human as the latter eats.

With a straight face and hopeful eyes, the dog is sitting right in front of the human hoping to get a share of the snack. The same does not happen, at least not in the clip.

Video shared on Instagram has garnered 28 thousand views and three thousand likes. The clip has been captioned with three wide eye emojis.

Most comments on the post are emojis, some of LOL and some of hearts. A person wrote, “Always up to something funny looking like you doing him wrong”, another person who seemed to be concerned about the canine said, “Poor boy why don’t you give him some food?”

In another instagram post, the furry animal can be seen wrapped in a green coloured bubble paper. From the looks of it, one can assume his humans are moving to another space as there are cardboard cartons lying in the background. Captioning the photo his human stated, “Mom said to pack the most important thing first… so I’m ready to go!”

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