Southern Railways’ Social Distancing Device is the Innovation We Need Right Now

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, a machine that raises an alarm when proper social distancing is not maintained has been developed by the Signal and Telecommunications Department, Thiruvananthapuram Division, Southern Railway.

The alarm of this Social Distancing Ensuring Device gets activated the moment a person does not maintain a distance of minimum three meters.

Indian Railways took to micro blogging site Twitter to share a video showing how the device functions. In the tweet, they said, “Innovative minds in Indian Railways showcase their creative skills to combat #CoVID An ideal device to ensure #socialdistance at workplace – A novel initiative by Thiruvananthapuram Division (SR)”

Till now, the short clip has been viewed over 35 thousand times and has been liked by 1,800 people. A user in the reply to the tweet has urged the authorities to get this device installed at the Railway Depots and Workshops. He wrote, “Install it in railway depot and workshop”, another person who seems to be impressed by the innovation stated, “Distance must be maintained. Alarm is urgent for the coronavirus spreading randomly. Alert is most urgent. Otherwise we could not fight with coronavirus. God bless all.”

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