WATCH: Man Cuts a Slice, But Monkey Flees with His Anniversary Cake

Remember that story of two cats fighting over a cake and a monkey eating it all to settle the dispute all for once? The story seems to have come true with slight modifications. The monkey, in a viral video, is seen running away with a chocolate cake.

The video, shared by Indian Forest Official Susanta Nanda, shows a man cutting a chocolate cake on his wedding anniversary. The chocolate cake is placed on a rock and as the man picks up the slice of cake, a monkey comes from behind and runs away with the cake. By the end of the short clip, it swiftly climbs a tree with the cake.

The funny video has been captioned as, “Celebrating wedding anniversary in Forest is an experience altogether….Surprises guaranteed”.

The clip on Twitter alone has been viewed over 27,000 times and has been liked by more than 2700 users.

As expected, the clip made Twitterati laugh out loud. Many users shared quite a few monkey theories too in the reply section. A user said, “Monkey: I don’t care If you invite me or not. Once I enter , everything should be under my control”, another one wrote, “He is the official host of this anniversary party. After all Jungle belongs to animals.”

One person in a seemingly witty tone tweeted, “Decent monkey , waited till he cuts the cake”

Have a look at some other reactions:

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