Volcano in Indonesia Erupts with Electric-Blue Lava at Night And It’s Mesmerizing

An eerily beautiful volcanic eruption in Indonesia will you leave you mesmerized.

Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia erupted electric-blue fire, that trickles down the mountain slope at night attracting crowds of tourists and photographers.

A Paris-based photographer, Olivier Grunewald, who has been documenting the fascinating Kawah Ijen volcano over several years said that the blue glow isn’t lava. The light is produced when the sulfuric gases that come out of the volcanic cracks of the volcano and gets in contact with the oxygen-rich atmospheric air, creating a blue flame.

Also, when the liquid sulphur continues to burn as it flows down the slopes, it gives an illusion of lava flowing.

He stated that the blue-colour is seen the best during the night or after sunset.

The world’s largest acidic crater lake is also situated there, and is rich with hydrochloric acid and often the gases from the volcano react with the lake water resulting in a low pH of 0.5.

On cooling down, the gases leave sulphur deposits as residue around the lake.

Here’s a video documentation of the burning blue volcano.

We don’t know when we can travel again but we are putting this on our bucket list of travel destinations. If you’re planning to visit this unique volcano, be sure to pack a gas mask as well as eye protection gear, as the gases might compromise your vision and breathing.

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